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We at Gail Hallock Architect, Inc. are very committed to retaining the beautiful historic architecture we are blessed with in RI. We have many clients who have historic houses whether their in a historic district or not, they want to honor the legacy and details of their early house design.

We research the historic house using old photographs and documents in order for the house to be brought back as closely as possible to the original design.  Because 18th and 19th century lifestyles do not provide the open living spaces that modern life requires, we open up the interiors and/or design additions off of the historic homes.  They are not meant to replicate a missing detail, but they blend with the existing house. read more below

Families can then experience a modern living style while enjoying their historic home and neighborhood.

For exterior changes we frequently appear before Historic District Commissions in order to help our client meet the requirements for their town to retain historic character and still provide a beautiful addition or renovation.

A good knowledge of architectural history and the development of styles through the centuries is necessary and is one of our passions.

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