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buy Seroquel no prescription There are many reasons to hire an architect, but we wanted to give you our top 10! 

buy Lyrica 300 mg online uk 1. We create a design that is entirely unique to you and your site.  You get to participate in shaping and designing your space. Your ideas, your photos, individual needs all listened to and incorporated into the design. What you love is celebrated! Your house doesn’t look like all the others on the block  – it blends with them and is harmonious with the neighbourhood but it is special for you.

 “You can’t find a plan that really fits your needs in a plan book or online” –Gail Hallock Architect, Inc. client

2. Scale and proportion, massing and size are designed and balanced by a trained professional so your house looks “right”.

3. The house has a sense of history because it is correctly detailed to fit the style of house you like., and your neighborhood.

4. Designing your home with an architect is not expensive. It is a small fraction of the cost of construction and can bring the cost of construction down in the long run. The architect can steer you away from unnecessary expenses and can foresee costly problems in construction.  We see this while doing the drawings so the problems are avoided and they don’t have to be rebuilt on site.

5. Because architects “build” so many houses a year we can help the contractor construct your homes unique details and design that he might not know how to build. We can show him how to do it through many different kinds of drawings, details and perspectives.

6. Special site needs such as FEMA and flood regulations are things we deal with everyday! We can help navigate through RI DEM, RI FEMA,etc. We can help you get the house you want built even if it is “outside the box” – literally – if you encroach on building setbacks or sizes we can advise you and work with you to help get variances.  We can help you get permission from state and town agencies such as the Historic District Commission and we can advise you if what you want to do will actually work or we can help you find good alternatives if they won’t.

7. Working with an architect who does 3-D drawings allows you to “see” your home before it is built and experience the rooms and exterior of the house. We can virtually place furniture that matches your own so you know it fits. You can also pick colors and trim styles, etc. as you “walk” through the home.

8. An architect-designed building can be energy modeled to project heating and cooling costs which can help determine the best shape and orientation for solar.  We can view the path of the sun in your rooms and where it sits at what time of year.

9. An architect works for you, not the contractor, manufacturer or some other building professional. We are watching out for your best interests throughout the entire process.

10. Unlike builders who design homes, architects are required to continue their education to be sure that we can bring you the latest understandings of how to keep your house safe and beautiful. Likewise, better than “designers” we have studied more, are required to continue to study and our licenses indicate that we are proficient with the design and construction of buildings, from planning to knowledge of codes and best building practices.


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