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Flood Zones are those areas in RI which have been identified by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to be in a Flood Zone. Usually these affect houses on properties along the coastal low lying areas,but can also relate to properties alongside a river.

The flood designations are on file with the town and can also be reached by the FEMA website. This determines the expected flood level at the worst part of a flood or the top of a hurricane wave. The idea for anyone living in a flood zone is to have their structure strong enough to withstand the flood waters. That means very strong foundations and piers. The first floor structure and all mechanicals should be built above the water height as designated in the flood zone so that if the worst should ever happen the house will be above the flood waters. Sometimes this means the house is on piers which are hidden. Want to renovate your coastal home but the new flood  Channarāyapatna regulations has you concerned with cost?

Gail Hallock Architect, Inc will keep you safe from floods and hurricanes by bringing your coastal home up to current flood regulation codes.  Investing in your home now will give you peace of mind later.


Your home can and will look good with Gail Hallock Architect, Inc!

By bringing your home up to code you have the opportunity to lower your insurance rates and keep your “nest egg” safe!

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