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1200 mg neurontin So you want to build your dream home or expand your house to fit your growing family,  shelf life of neurontin but you don’t know where to start or how much it’s going to cost.

can you buy cenforce online That’s ok! Gail Hallock Architect, Inc. is here to help answer all the questions you might have.   So, let’s get started!

Architectural Cost
Depending on your projects complexity will depend on the overall cost of design.  A new home construction can be costly, however the advantages of customizing your home has its benefits; i.e., prestige, floor layout, custom finishes,window placements, size, etc.

We breakdown all projects into three categories:
Schematic Design
Construction Documents
Construction Administration

Very high end, custom designed homes can be upwards of $50,000+

New Construction_SDP_Price Breakdown 2014

For a new home construction the approximate cost to hire an architect can range anywhere from $18,000-$24,000

New Construction Price Breakdown 2014

Additions cost could range from anywhere from $5,700 – $16,000

Additions Price Breakdown 2014

The services for these costs include, but are not limited to design drawings, meetings, construction drawings, design development and assistance with town and state variances.  As stated above, the intricacy of your design and the changes made will affect the overall cost.

What does it cost to build a new home?
The cost to build a custom designed home or addition is based on square footage. Square footage is based on living space – first, second, third floors. It does not include your basement, garage or decks, which will (so don’t forget!) add to the cost of construction as well.

Custom homes can range anywhere from $250-$300 sq. ft.  and go up from there depending on finishes, etc.   We can help calculate this for you, and an experienced contractor can help by giving concrete numbers in order for you to stay within your budget.

Hiring a Structural Engineer
When building a new home or addition you will need to hire a surveyor and a structural engineer. This will ensure that your home/addition meets code requirements, is safe and ready to be lived in for years to come!  We work very closely with the engineer to make sure everything is perfect before starting construction.

So what does a structural engineer cost? Just like architecture cost, engineer costs are also based on the scope of the project as well as the location of the property, i.e., waterfront, Narragansett home that sits in a flood zone vs. wooded Exeter home.
To help give you a better idea of what to expect we have provided a cost breakdown.

Please remember that this is just an approximate and each job is a case-by-case basis per the engineer.

Site / Civil
• A standard 1/2-acre lot survey is $1,200 – $2,000+
• Soil Evaluations for drainage designs are $500 + excavator fees (A key piece of info to avoid wet basements!)
• Residential single-family drainage design is approx. $500 – $750
• Elevation Certificates are approx. $475 – $550

A typical “I want to remove that load bearing wall” type of job (for additions/alterations) is approx. $500 – $750. This includes a site visit, measurements and a certified beam calculation.

For new houses and large additions it starts at approx. $2,000 and goes upwards of $5,000+, especially in regards to custom designed, waterfront homes. Hourly rates can range from $130-$150+, but again are dependent on the engineering firm.

When you hire Gail Hallock Architect, Inc. you hire an architecture firm that values the power of working as a team. This team includes the architect, you, the contractor, the engineer and even the kitchen and lighting designers if you so choose.  We want the process of designing and building your new home or addition an easy, fun process. This is why we purposely set up a team of people we feel comfortable working with and recommending to our clients.


We hope this information helps in your decision making process!

Have more questions? Get in touch with us today!

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