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These are houses that have a first floor where the structure is sound but more living space was needed for the family. In some cases, the lot was too small for a side addition. In other cases there was a beautiful view from the roof that the client wanted to take advantage of by adding a second floor; or they had a nice steep roof but no headroom to put bedrooms or bathrooms upstairs.

Many times the best solution in these cases is to add a second floor. We keep the street view of the house small by putting in dormers. read more below

Dormers also add character to a house because you can vary the shape, height and location. Inside the dormers, full headroom is created.

Due to the fact that the eves remain at the first floor level the overall look of the house is small so it fits in well with the neighborhood of other small houses. Inside the houses there are slanted ceilings and cozy nooks for window seats and beds.

Cupolas add to the view and to the interest on the outside as well. Sometimes we raise the entire roof so we can give full height to the new second floor rooms.

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