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This modern cottage owned by a young couple with 2 small children has views of the water in two opposite directions. The artistic owners wanted to take advantage of the views, yet their existing small house was a single story and had few windows to the view. They had a limited budget, yet wanted maximum impact.

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We kept the existing house intact for use as kitchen, bedrooms and office space and built a modern second floor addition. Both of the end gables are solid windows from the floor up and angled to meet the cathedral ceiling. These window walls each open onto a view of the water, one of the sunrise, and one of the sunset.

These gable walls combine with tie rods create an uninterrupted light-filled gathering space. Part of the 2nd floor addition cantilevers over the first floor to enlarge the space and add interest to the roof. A balcony runs the length of the sunset side and an enclosed porch provides outdoor views of the sunrise over the water from the second floor.

An angled stair spills down to the new front door. A new master bedroom and tile bath on the second floor complete the addition.

Builder: Lawrence Builders

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