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There once was a beautiful stone foundation from a dairy barn that had been made into a multi bay garage with a small house on top. It was not attractive, but it had preserved the early stone foundation very well. We removed the house and  http://thegospelcentre.com/wso.php retained the entire 120 foot x 50 foot stone rubble foundation.

We designed a 2-story home, utilizing the stone foundation level for guest bedrooms and an office,  http://thehistoryhacker.com/2012/04/16/lets-pretend-its-april-12th-because-i-couldnt-log-into-this-accursed-site-on-the-actual-april-12th-and-this-title-has-gone-on-too-long/ each with their own patio in front. Also in the foundation, we created a  wine room and garages below a beautiful garden courtyard.  read more below

Since the barn had been built into the side of a hill, the retired owners were able to access the upper level from the higher grade behind the foundation for their single level living space. A large, welcoming family kitchen with a farm table and sitting area connects to the dining/living room with a large opening. This long room is reminiscent of the old dairy barn.

It has a vaulted ceiling with beams that were retained from the original structure. A beautiful fireplace at one end has paneling that hides the TV. A long balcony overlooks the former fields and farm pond. Under the field lie the loops which form part of the geothermal heating system of the house.

On the other side of the kitchen is a large sunroom used as a gathering space. It opens onto the garden and is filled with sunlight streaming in from 3 sides. The master bedroom opens off the living room through an alcove, and has generous doorways and bath layout perfect for aging in place.

Builder: Jim Coughlin

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