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Many houses have large garages with an empty attic. This is a large amount of space which can be used with or without the addition of dormers. This bungalow near the water was a small house. Their toddlers were growing and they did not want to leave the neighborhood, which they loved. They also needed a garage and a workspace.  The solution was to create an addition that is reminiscent of the existing house but has its own style. The bedrooms for the children in the space above the garage have cozy nooks, bright colors and big windows. The beautiful glass tiles in the bathroom enhance the feeling of the cottage by the water theme. read more below

On the outside the trim details are exaggerated by jazzy corner boards, special shingles and beautiful wood swinging garage doors which add to the character of the addition. We didn’t want the taller garage to overpower the single story home.

By giving the garage a roof with eaves that are halfway up the second floor wall of the garage bedrooms, the garage appears lower to the ground.The rooms are full height and this is achieved by the use of dormers.  The hip roof dormers add charm, which are repeating those on the existing house.

Since the garage, house, and the 2nd floor were on 3 separate levels, a set of stairs was added to connect them all, which gave the opportunity for a mudroom. In the alcove between the house and the new garage we were able to accommodate space for recycling bins to keep them hidden.

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