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This is a house that was built for a retirement couple with all the main living on the first floor. It has generous openings and an accessible bath in the master bath as well as a huge veranda. The house has a huge open cathedral ceiling gathering space adjoining the kitchen and TV area which invites multiple generations to enjoy each others company.

“Her input and knowledge of what works and what wouldn’t made the process of designing a home that much easier. My wife and I would highly recommend Gail for your dream home.”

Bob Haigh, Warwick RI

The master bedroom opens off of the TV room and office area. It also has a commodious bathroom with a shower that has no sill. The property was built up slightly to elevate out of the flood zone so that the garage enters at a lower level and a future elevator will bring the occupants up to the first floor if that is ever needed.

As you go upstairs, there are a series of guest rooms and an opening off of the hall that has dormers and windows to enjoy the view as you progress along the hall. There are also window seats if you choose to relax and enjoy the view. The surprise at the end of this hall is a window overlooking the gathering space.

The low roof of the house belies the amount of space contained in it and the shed dormer in the back is what provides the room for the second floor guest rooms. The turret on the corner of the porch creates interest on the façade as well an enveloping place to sit. This family is able to live in comfort next to their grandchildren for many years to come.

Builder: Jim Coughlin

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