Sailor’s Home Port

Coastal Fortified Home Located in the VE17 FEMA flood plain, the first floors of the home had to be prepared to safely withstand major wind and wave action during a storm, and the required structure for living space had to be 18′ above sea level.

We designed a home that has boat storage and garages on the lowest level. Piers supporting the living space above were enclosed with breakaway walls. On the 2nd floor, the Living Rooms, Kitchen, Guest Bedroom and utility areas are above the flood waters as required. But the advantage is that with its elevation above the flood zone, the major living areas provide high views of the beautiful surrounding vistas. More bedrooms and the owner’s suite are on the third floor. Two stories of decks provide generous outdoor living space with the magnificent panorama of the harbor and Narragansett Bay below.

This home was built as a Coastal Fortified Home, a stronger construction method to provide greater protection against severe weather, including the expected strong winds and high flood waters indicated for this lot.

    • Builder
    • DDC Constructors, Inc.

Year Built
2021 in Wickford, RI
  • Douglas Fir timber
  • Glulam
  • T&G Decking
LEED Silver

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