We collaborate with clients in Rhode Island (RI) to design new homes or additions. From the first meeting, we involve you, our clients, in the design and architecture process. We sketch ideas for the house, combining our design expertise with your wishes for it. As the design develops, you can experience your new home with computer models and animations. The final set of working drawings is detailed and describes your house as it is to be built. It is our goal that working with us is pleasant and uncomplicated, and you finish with a home that is as beautiful as you had imagined and a joy in which to live. “My clients are an important part of the design process, as they often have fabulous ideas which we use to create a house that they love, are proud of and will live happily in. It is very important to me that my clients feel that our collaboration results in the house they dreamed of building.” – Gail Hallock

Gail Hallock Architect specializes in elegant residential architecture design throughout coastal and inland areas of Rhode Island. Since 1983, we’ve collaborated with our clients to design new homes, additions, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, so that they’re attractive and respond to their lifestyles and taste. It’s our goal that working with us is pleasant and uncomplicated, and that you’re given a home that is as beautiful as you’d imagined. Like what you see? Get in touch.
"There's not a day that goes by that I don't look at some detail Gail created and think how beautiful it is and how lucky I am to live here."
"During construction, Gail handled problems adroitly and turned many into an opportunity to take something and make it even better."
"Her input and knowledge of what works and what wouldn't made the process of designing a home that much easier. My wife and I would highly recommend Gail for your dream home."
"Gail is a very talented architect, is a pleasure to work with, and has an unusual amount of creativity."